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Assisted Living At Home



Assisted Living within the Comfort of your Home!

When our parents or loved ones start to need extra care and assistance with age, we must decide how to best provide this care. Except in special situations, the majority of people would rather remain in their own home for as long as possible rather than move to a nursing home or other “Institutionalized” setup. While each family and person must consider their own needs and situation, assisted living at Home is the optimal choice for many people.

Our Assisted Living at Home Program represents a new paradigm that allows people to age-in-place, be assisted, while offering peace of mind to their adult children and family members.  It is a true comprehensive model of care that offers a practical alternative to the “Institutionalized” model of care in Facilities and Nursing Homes.

ACP Assisted Living at Home provides services that enable seniors and adults with cognitive, behavioral, and/or Physical challenges, to live safely and comfortably in their own homes and stay connected to their community. We assist those seniors and adults affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, Parkinson’s, ALS, other neurological disorders, and mental illnesses, to live independent and meaningful lives.

We bring a team of experts in aging, Physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapist, Social workers, Registered nurses and wellness together with care providers trained in specific behavioral interventions to enhance our clients’ quality of life.

Our Model of Home Care Services:


  • Care plans & supervision by Registered Nurses.
  • Home health aides who are State Licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Background screening and criminal background checks on employees.
  • Specialize in 24-hour live-in CareGivers.
  • Caregivers trained to look for opportunities to provide life enrichment.
  • Free medication monitoring service checks for any potential drug conflicts among medications and notifies seniors of recalls or warnings.
  • Visiting physician service where doctors make house calls to homebound seniors.(at no additional Cost to our Clients)
  • Personal concierge to help schedule and coordinate appointments and social events, to assist in ordering medication refills and to help seniors with non-care issues like scheduling household repairs with plumbers, electricians and handymen.

ACP`s Assisted Living At Home Program specializes in 24 hour live-in caregivers throughout Northern Virginia, Our caregivers screening process is so thorough that we only accept 4% of Applicants. Our caregivers are cheerful, happy competent people who are thoroughly screened and scrutinized before being hired.

    Services provided include:

  • Companionship
  • Light housekeeping
  • timulating conversation
  • Bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Grocery shopping and errands
  • Assist with exercises and range of motion
  • Prepare delicious, nutritious meals
  • Do laundry, bed making and linens
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom daily
  • Assist with clothing selection
  • Monitor medications
  • Play games and recreational activities
  • Assist with walking and transferring from bed or chair
  • Encourage independence
  • Escort to doctor, religious services, visits to friends, or other outings of choice
  • Family event reminders
  • Supervision of personal grooming
  • Oversee home activities and deliveries
  • Monitor appointments and calendar
  • Local transportation
  • Advise family of health changes
  • Respite Services
  • Being a supportive friend
  • Hourly and live-in care available


Live-in care offers the seniors the ability to remain at home with supervision 24 hours per day from a VA certified Home Health aide. It also offers the best economic value for care for anyone requiring more than 8 ½ – 9 hours of care per day.

Live-in caregivers do just as the name sounds; they temporarily stay in the home with the Client. While they are there for 24 hours peer day, they do not work that entire time. They require a place to sleep and put their cloths as well as have time for their own. Food is also provided by the client.

    Here is an example of what a typical day may be like.

  • Wake up in the morning and help their client to get out of bed, bathe and get dressed.
  • Prepare breakfast for both the client and themselves and clean up afterwards.
  • Perform some light housekeeping and laundry before making lunch.
  • After lunch, they may take some time for themselves to relax in their room while the client has company over or naps.
  • Later on they will prepare dinner and then clean up.
  • Afterwards they may again take some personal time for themselves in another room but never leaving the client unattended.
  • Later in the night they will help the client get ready for bed and then retire for the night when they are ready

Basically, they are there for their client without being over bearing. They respect the client’s need for independence, privacy and time alone while making themselves available if needed.

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